jueves, 24 de noviembre de 2011

My university

The urbe is a big building, it has seven buildings, a big library, it has seven little cafeterias , a lots of laboratories, and a lot of main halls it also has a  health services building and a big parking place.

Student life

 I was very happy when I was accepted in college I researched many of them, but I passed the exam in URBE,
and was accepted this semester is from september to december , it haven't finished, I'm still studing hard , I think I'll have goood grades I have a scholarship that pays me college.

My errands

Every day, I get up at six am .( 6:00am) and I go to the university at seven (7:00 am) I return to my house at noon and after lunch I usually study and help my mother in the house. sometimes I visit a neighbor and we sit out side her house and talk. sometimes I go to a pank with my boyfriend and walk my little dog. when I come  home at night , I feel very tired, so I go to sleep.

This is my neighborhood

My neighborhood is vry quiet and freindly, it doesn't have to much traffic, it's a safety place the public transportation ia tree are two schools near , and there is a big pank not so far. all the neighbors are good persons, we know each other since a lot time, and you can go shopping when you want because there are many stores and supermankets near too.

jueves, 27 de octubre de 2011

History of mystery of the silbon


                                                          Legend .The Silbon                                        

                                            The Silbon

In the Venezuelan plains known as The Silbón and narrative says that is a tall, thin, measuring about six feet.

The present description who have seen and heard, they say a man is the disproportionate high, overhanging walking the treetops whistle emits a creepy and has a sack full of bones that makes them sound like a rattle of Easter.

The legend says that the Silbón is the soul in torment of a son who killed dad and ate the offal (ie liver, heart and bofe). The boy was raised Tonec (pampered), no respect for anyone. One day he told his father he wanted to eat deer entrails. His father went hunting to please but soon returned. In view of this, the boy went to look and saw that brought nothing, could not hunt deer, kill him, he pulled out the viscera, and brought his mother to be cooked. Since there is no softening, the mother suspected were "offal" of her husband. Asking the boy, this confessed the truth.

He immediately cursed him "pa 'to' life '. His brother Juan chased him with a "foreman" sounded a gourd and chili dogs sicced "TURECO" until the end of the chases and bites the heels.

In the eastern plains of Colombia is known as the singer, is said to be drifting terror of a lost soul of a party animal and womanizer man who died alone and abandoned, and seeks the company of someone who rides after hours of the night the paths of the plain.

Others say, chasing women who are pregnant, this gives a long whistle whistling and sharp penetrating through the ears and at the same time feels an intense cold that freezes people. There is the belief that when sharp whistles it is a woman who is going to die, but if instead the whistle is thick, is a man or a friend dies

My family and venezuelan family

                                                                      My parent's
My mom is a special woman, she is 42  (forty two) years old,her name is Yanet, my dad´s  name is Angel and he is 57 (fifty seven) years old, he is pharmacist. I have one sister, her name is Diana, she is 25 (twenty five) years old and she is an university graduate in preschool. I love my family, my parents has a marriage of 26 (twenty six) years.

                                             Mi sister
I have three aunts, but one is my mom´s sister by their two parents, her name is Tamara and she has 5 (five) sons, they are my cousins, and the 2 (two) other aunts are sisters of my mom but only by their father.
I have other 3 (three) aunts and 2 (two) uncles, they are my fathers brothers and sisters and some of my  cousins have university degrees.
And I have 2 (two) godparents, they are like my second parents. 

                                           aunt and cousin

  Venezuelan family
The venezuelan family has a value that goes further than usual and unavoidable reunions, happy moments  and the solution of the problems that they usually confront, the value is builted and it grows when each of the members assume with responsabilitiy it´s role in their family, attempting the welfare, development  and happiness of all members of the family.
In Venezuela there is too many families, there isn´t an exact percentage, all the members of a family are: parents, sisters, brothers, grandfathers, aunts, uncles, and cousins.  

On this year in Venezuela are all types of family situations, below you can find a percentage of these situations:
Divorced there is a 67%.
Married there is a 52%.
Single there is a 25%.
Widow there is a 40%.
Widower there is a 45%.
Unmarried there is a 47%.
This is the percentage that exist in our country, as you can see we have more divorced families then anything else.